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Our sermon notes are uploaded to our
website by end of day Tuesday after the
Sunday they took place. 

Join Our Group to get our Live Events:


YouVersion Live gives you a way to interact with our worship 
services and other live events using your mobile device.
You can follow along with message outlines and take notes, 
read related Bible verses and click through to the expanded 
passage, vote on a poll and see the results live, ask questions 
anonymously, give, request prayer, and take it all home with 
you on your phone.
This is made possible by the free YouVersion Bible app for 
smart devices and the "Live" feature built into it.
Click here to access this via the web.
To access via your smart device, here's how:
1) Download the YouVersion Bible app for your smart device 
if you don't already have it.
2) Open the app on your smart device.
3) Select the "Live" option on the home menu.
4) Then select "Search for a Live event."
5) If your device's GPS doesn't identify where you are, 
type "Xenia" or "45385" into the search box.
6) Select the Live Event that has Xenia Grace Chapel 
listed under it.
7) Participate!
If you miss on Sunday, the notes will be available all 

week long until Saturday evening.